Boards shipped and RC2 is on its way

SC-20100S still out of stock… I’m beginning to think Mouser lost the shipment or something :frowning:

Everything has shipped except it this one. I think this week they will. So does the 100E

I have a basket of stuff from Mouser to order and waiting patiently for the Fez Portal to come into stock. I hope the SCM20260N doesn’t run out before the Fez Portal arrives as I have that in the basket too.

fully agree

Did Mouser get the Portals as well? I have some on backorder, and I see the dev boards are now in stock.


still expected for aug 31… or later

Gus posted earlier that there was a last minute change to the Portal board. This might be why they are not yet available?

They shipped

Gus, how long does Mouser generally take from the time you ship the parts to appearing in stock and ready for purchase?

Few days normally

SC20260E SOM still waiting for some export clearance papers at Mouser’s :frowning:

Hopefully they will still have stock to ship the two I’ve ordered when the administrative needs are fulfilled.

I am still waiting for the Fez Portal to arrive. I might end up ordering everything else first and see how the SCM20260N does with regards to exporting. There is no mention of any restrictions when you add to your basket.

I think arrow has them in stock

I don’t have an account with Arrow but they are offering free international shipping. Tempting to get the credit card out but they are a little more expensive than the Mouser price. :wink:

I don’t think that it’s about “restrictions”, at least for Europe (and France in my case). I feel it’s more administrative things that are either missing or incomplete.

They sure do! Thanks for the tip! I was still waiting on mouser lol

You lucky !

No apparent issues with Indonesia either. Shipment notification for the SCM20260N modules already received and goods on the way.

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Do you know if SC-20100S shipped to Mouser yet?

Yes to all