Best place in the UK to get the FEZ Spider modules from


Anyone know of a place in the UK to get the modules from. Cool Components and Proto-Pic do not seem to stock many modules.

In a bit, I’d like to get the relay module.



Why not shoot these guys an email and ask them why they do not stock all modules? :slight_smile:

Done, I’ll let you know the reply :wink:


We have asked them to stock all modules but they will only listen to the customer not to us :slight_smile: Maybe we should make this mandatory.

How much is shipping direct from you to the UK. (Just in case :wink: )

Got this response from one:

“The answer is yes, but it’ll take a little time as there are so many boards and GHI are not able to supply us without fairly long lead times.”


@ jasuk70
i think coolcomponents are waiting to see how much uptake there is before they stock all modules.
Shipping to the UK is failry quick but customs will sting you. I had to pay £60 in Duty to get my spider kit which adds a lot to the price. I paid 249 USD plus the duty.

I managed to get my kit from a place in Scotland but they only stock the kit, none of the modules.


Just sent proto-pic an e-mail asking. GHI list them as one of their UK outlets so safe to mention them I hope. :o
Great people there, would not order from anywhere else.

Had a dead screen, none of the normal annoying questions, they just asked for the screen back so I could continue to play with the rest of the kit, and had a new working one back to me in three days. They even gave me a quick call to let me know how it was going.

Could order from outside the UK, but after being burned when a £450 bit of kit from Canada did not work and ended up taking weeks to sort out, and multiple customs and postage charges, try to avoid it now.

Rather than import from the USA this time I yesterday tried what looks like a good Czech source:

Unfortunately they have taken my money and told me to wait while THEY import the items and send them on to me!

Ouch, sounds painful.

Where do you others order from?

No reply from proto-pic so far :frowning:


No reply from proto-pic, so trying from Mouser. Ordered today, will let you know how long it takes.

Let us know if they still do not reply! The only way for GHI to know the distributor quality is though your feedback.

Just looked at their site. (Mouser) They seem to stock all the modules. I will order the relay and music modules after next pay day based on your feedback.

I got the original kit from Proto-Pic, but they don’t stock any modules at all. Cool components said the modules are hard to order as they are always low in stock but they are intending to stock them all eventually.



I ordered earlier today, free delivery from mouser.
They have been picked up from somewhere in Texas.

Interested to see how long customs hold them.
Ordered a couple of motor controlls, a relay, music, compas, and e-block extender.

Would have prefered to have ordered from the UK, but no choice.

I got my fez spider kit, fez hydra kit and a couple of modules from Watterott in germany and in 2 days i received goods in italy. They don’t stock some modules like enc28 Ethernet but they have a lot of products.

No one has enc28 yet

Is the driver for ENC28 going to be ready in this upcoming SDK release?

It is quite exciting watching some components wing their way over from the US.
From when I ordered, in 43 hours. if has been packed. picked up, moved from TX to TN, then flown over to Paris where it has been checked, then flown over to Stansted.

more than 5000 miles, two states, three countries.Six seperate locaitons in just 43 hours.

It has now been in Stansted for 30 hours and has not moved an inch.
We love the English postal system.

Im located in Denmark and bought a Hydra, T35 and a few other bits from Mouser.

Was shipped from Germany and arrived in just a couple of days.