Beginner guide book is done and we are ready for translations

The beginner guide was is completely moved to the wiki and we are calling on international users to help us in translating the book. I will help you as much as I can, even create the pages for you. You only need to change the text so just tell me how I can help.

Here is a starting point for the French translation, thanks to Christophe Gerbier we already have the book but we now need the text moved to the wiki.

Here is the book
Here is the starting point on wiki

If you speak other languages then we need your help too. I know Thai and Russian are being worked on so I hope with the wiki move, it will be easier to get these books out.

Update: These are the languages that we are mainly interested in.
If you translate the book to one of these, you get $100 coupon + 1000 experience points

Chinese (Mandarin)

Others are welcome as well so post here and we can discuss what language and what you like in return please.

For French and Portuguese, we already have the translations but they need to be moved to the wiki. I prefer if the original translator did the work but if he is not interested then someone else can do it. $50 coupon and 1000 for those 2 translations.


I’m still waiting for my Fez board :’(, so I’ll get some free time this weekend to transfert/translate the French version :wink:

I could help out with the dutch translation, if you like…

Isn’t Dutch close to German? I mean can you do German too?

Do you want me to setup the pages for you to start the translation?

Hello Rob, I am also from the Netherlands :slight_smile:

Gus, Dutch is totally not like German. I do know good German, but I believe it would be a better idea that some German user should do the German part. Since German grammer is sometimes even confusing for me. :smiley: (maybe robotfreak wants to help?)

Used to know a few Dutch words,when worked for Agfa in Anwerp. But it was 10 years ago. Miss those days.

I updated the top post with $100 coupon deal :slight_smile:

PDF export doesn’t handle russian very well. (Missing a font or something)

You can see it by downloading it from this page:

Ok Gus, I will do it this saturday or sunday (for the french translation).

I tried to use an English link but with Russian content but it didn’t work either :frowning:

This is very sad. We would need to get a hold of the guys who made “pdfbook” for media wiki and see if they can help us out.

@ Bec a Fuel: If you need help with the French translation, let me know.


Should be an easy fix by “sensing” the text and using correct font.

It is all automated so I am not sure what you mean

I think we have Italian and Dutch users interested so here are the starting points


I was just thinking “loud” about possible fix in the add-in.
Pdfbook add-in developer(s) should be able to check unicode values from the text and choose the correct font.

According to their known issues, they are familiar with multi-byte character issue.

Great! Than they might fix it someday. Meanwhile online version only for the Russian translation.

Maybe it is a good idea to keep links and category in English


Why not using the OpenOffice file format (.odt) instead of PDF??