Beginner guide book is done and we are ready for translations

I changed a couple of paragraphs on the Dutch ‘Getting Started’ entry. More to follow later


We are talking about automated generation of a PDF file from Wiki pages, that belong to the same category. :wink:

Yes,I have two versions of the category. Each translated page belongs to both, so there is “valid” english link for pdf book.

^^^ Oh, I thought otherwise. Sorry! :-[

I think “Loading Resources” subsection doesn’t belong in the “Serial Interfaces” chapter of the book.
What do you think?

[quote]I think “Loading Resources” subsection doesn’t belong in the “Serial Interfaces” chapter of the book.
What do you think?

I moved output compare and loading resources in their own pages

Let me know of any other changes

Architect, it is much easier to copy the existing English pages then start changing text so all formating/images/code is already done for you

Alright, makes sense. Thanks for the tip.

Hello Gus !

Conversion done. It took a “little” more time because of some new or slightly modified chapters, but it’s all on the Wiki now.


Sweet, 1000 points are added and we will email you the $50 coupon

Thank you very much !

And again, sorry for not being very present at the moment, but another big project is taking all my time, with a very short dead-line. :hand:

Gus, I can start the Mandarin Chinese translation as soon as next week :slight_smile:

That would be fantastic…I would love to see the Chinese translation. Let me know when you want me to setup the pages for you so you can start working on them

you can set it up when you have the time Gus… I am in my finals week now but I might jump in to do something when I get bored of studying…

BTW, I am curious to know how many of GHI’s clients / TinyCLR users are Chinese speakers… I know MarkH speak some and there is one from Taiwan (sorry I forgot his username)…

Here you go…

Thanks Gus, I started some parts of it… have to go back to studies now :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to start the german translation of the ebook. Beginning next week

I went to setup the German pages for you but I saw all pages already added :smiley:

You are my German hero

For the French folks who helped translate the book, in the USB Client chapter, there is a missing section about USB Client CDC with debugging

Also, there was a little error in the ebook in USB Client CDC with debugging. In the provided code, we should call StartCDC_WithDebugging(). We fixed the English version and the other translations.

I will try to fix this ASAP.