Are you thinking what I am thinking?




Will GHI be making that one?

I suspect GHI will be making one, but the real question is will they sell it!

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I like the way your thinking, I like it a lot.

Order? How?

Price on request? Not good…

Standard quantity 160? Even less good…

But it is high time that there is a new speech chip. I still have a WTS701 chip lying around, but those where discontinued… :frowning:

This is excellent timing, I was looking for something like this. I was looking at getting the SpeakJet ( which includes sound effects, but the Epson looks to be in a different class.

They are about $6 each. Mouser lists the price I think. And I am sure you can sell 160 modules :slight_smile:

GHI is not making this one leaving it to others. But we like few to play with.

Alright, if nobody else interested to make this module. I would like to give it a try.

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Why, yes they do, at $6.71 each. Minimum order: 401 units… :slight_smile:

While I definitely want one of these (or a couple), getting 400 might rise the ire of the gate guard, but I’m sure based on the requests for this in the past, lots of people would be interested in getting one.

You may have seen that Adafruit has the EMIC module with a very simple UART interface and command set. I could not resist. I quickly rigged a cerberus and BT module paired with my droid, and had it plugged into our stereo system at home in under 15 minutes. I had the TV introduce itself to my son and he went bonkers! It has about 6 distinct voices to choose from, a very simple command set, an a ton of advanced features if you really want to tweak it. This thing can even sing (really).

This paired with the EasyVR module and you’ve got the beginning of a FEZHAL9000. The possibilities are endless. My house really will be talking to me soon :slight_smile:

That is the same one I linked schematics to :slight_smile:

Which is why I posted the info… the Adafruit board is OSHW. Makes it a no-brainer to do a similar gadgeteer module.

Heck ya, next mars rover, if it discovers life on mars will be programmed to ask ‘Is your name Marvin and do you have any Illudium PU-36?’. Whoever is doing this module, put my name down now.

I think the hardest part is DECtalk engine. Trying to find info about it.

EDIT: Not free. :frowning:

[em]Runtime Licenses:

Runtime licensing is provided under separate Licensing or Royalty Agree-
ments which provide OEMs or application developers the right to copy
DECtalk Software as an embedded component of an OEM-supplied solution
or as a bundled component of an application. Via the Royalty Agree-
ment, the OEM pays Compaq royalties for the use of DECtalk software
in the OEM’s solution. Via the Licensing Agreement, the Licensee pays
Compaq royalties for the use of DECtalk Software either on each in-
dividual PC or PC server.[/em]

Rats… probably why the board is $60 instead of $30. IMO the cool factor is worth the $$.

A simple adapter on the end would make it “gadgeteerized” in a jiffy. I used my MakeBread and a little 1x1 inch protoboard.

Actually DECtalk is already on the chip but it requires a special binary init data to be uploaded to the chip during boot mode. That I can’t find so far.

I have an EMIC2 (that has a fault - another one will replace it eventually when Parallax get stock again !) and I have built an adapter board with a Gadgeteer socket on it, that’s in with OSHPark being made (and then posted to the antipodes). When I saw this post this morning I thought oh darn, Gus has spoiled my fun project that I wanted to unveil. Looks like others have had similar ideas - anyone have a driver done?

@ Brett - Just curious, what is the fault with the module?

my module has a dodgy headphone socket - its a one off manufacturing issue