Any new SoM plans?


are there any plans to make G30, G80 hand solder friendly?
since you discontinued TH versions im sort of nowhere with using your products,
the G120 is too expensive and UCM is also no good.

they already are pretty hand-solder friendly, they’re not BGAs for a start :slight_smile: Perhaps you need to look at some of Gus’ old videos about hand soldering the USBizi chips, they are a reasonably similar form factor. You could make up, heck or someone could have even made, breakout modules for that pin package to get it back into .1" header if that’s what you wanted.

We are focusing on the commercial need. FEZ is staying to serve our friends who love to make things. If what you are doing is commercial then let’s discuss what you are doing privately.

By the way, mouser may still have th boards in stock.

They don’t I bought them all, the G30TH at least