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Another Graphics Library

It’s a screenshot from emulator and corresponding video from live device.
I want to note that display still has protective film. Video was captured on my win phone with 5 MP camera. I couldn’t tune the room lighting perfectly so some details are not visible (for example radiobuttons state and some colors).

You might try CamStudio. It’s free and works fairly well.

I have tested the approach model in which I consider that controls at the same hierarchy level don’t overlay, so I can skip looping through the entire child collection and render only the strict hierarchy line. It gives additional 5-10% to the performance on our 20 labels test example. And it would give much more on the complicated hierarchy with many nested levels.

Taste this :slight_smile:

New controls: TextBlock (here with gradient background) and Slider

Code example for sliders:

            window.Children.Add(new Slider(250, 20, 150, 30, 15, Orientation.Horizontal)
                Value = 80,
                Background = new ImageBrush(Resources.GetBitmap(Resources.BitmapResources.Bar)),
                Foreground = new LinearGradientBrush(Color.LightGray, Color.Black) { Opacity = 50 }

            window.Children.Add(new Slider(200, 20, 30, 150, 15, Orientation.Vertical)
                Value = 70,
                Background = new SolidColorBrush(Color.White) { Opacity = 100 }

Or just like this:

            window.Children.Add(new Slider(250, 60, 150, 30, 30, Orientation.Horizontal)
                Value = 80,
                Background = new ImageBrush(Resources.GetBitmap(Resources.BitmapResources.Bar)),
                Foreground = new ImageBrush(Resources.GetBitmap(Resources.BitmapResources.GHILogo)),


I just wonder why there’s no activity in this thread except of mine ???

What kind of activity are you expecting?

Any comments/thoughts :slight_smile:

Well, it is early to say. You library looks promising, keep working on it.
I also would like to repeat Brett and myself from the page 1 of this thread.
We rather check your progress on Wiki page and provide the feedback here, but it looks like you are ignoring our advise.

My personal suggestion is. Make something others can use and test. And give the community some time to test and comment. You reply to your own posts so quickly to the pint we get lost, and eventually lose interest.

Well, I just can’t realize how to add a new page to the wiki Category:Touch Screen.
Please could anyone help me with exact steps?

ianlee74, thank you very much! :slight_smile:

I’ve created a new project “MFE” on wiki.

Link would be helpful

And as I’ve understood we’ll keep this thread for mfe discussion?


Happy New year to all!
And let your dreams come true!

Happy new year !

Wishes for a great year and the year for your GUI to take off.