A GPS that works on Hydra + More

Here’s a GPS module that actually gets a fix on the Hydra, it also has a lot of features like great resolution and embedded jamming remover. I acquired a lock in under a minute cold boot. :smiley:

As well as a 3 port Gadgeteer Hub (mainly for I sockets but use as you like)

And the 6 button module; all I’d change on this one is putting the socket on the bottom. It would only be compatible with GHI boards though since it requires all the pins on the socket to be interruptable…or I suppose you could do polling as well.

Coming soon from Skewworks? We’d need some pre-orders; the minimum pc order is a bit steep (for the GPS anyway)

Modules, did you say Modules, heck ya I’m interested. What are you estimating for prices?

I am in

I’ll try and get pricing up this afternoon. Is there interest in all the modules or just the GPS?

OK I’ve got all the numbers. :slight_smile: Each line would need 10-15 pre-orders to be able to make production.

GPSUltra - 69.99
This module features the GP-2106 unit (compare https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10890) with power and lock LEDs on a Gadgeteer compatible board. The module can acquire locks as low as -163dBm, variable baud-rate and the Skewworks MTK3339 GPS data decoder.

I-Hub - 12.95
A simple hub module allows 1 I Socket to drive up to 3. Hubs can be connected to each other allowing for even more modules to be driven by a single I Socket.

GamePad - 27.99
A 6 button Gadgeteer module that can work in polled or interrupt modes (interrupt only available on devices that support interrupt on 6 pins, such as GHI boards). Each button comes with a colored cap.

Put me down for one of each.

Geeze, Thom. Do you ever sleep? :slight_smile: Put me down for a couple of the I-Hub modules.

I’d take a GPSUltra.

Good news, we have enough orders to get production of the GPSUltra underway! We’re estimating about 4-6wks to have units built and in stock; maybe longer depending on customs. But now here’s a question.

The GPS module comes with a cable of a bit more than 2 inches and has doublestick tape. Would you prefer it on the cable so you can mount in a bit further away from the electronics or on the board like in the prototype (although not hanging off :wink: ). Either way will work I just want to make sure the community gets what it wants.

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Mounted on the board (ie a self contained module).

The first production board for GPSUltra is on its way in for testing. Once it passes we’ll be spinning off 50 units! Pre-order will be up as soon as the new Skewworks.com is ready.

The question is, which module do you want to see next?
LiPo charger (space for battery on board w/ USB & barrel jack powering)
Hub module
6 Button Module
Capacitive 3.5" display
Something else entirely


do you know that modules used by the home alarm systems to comunicate to the central unit that a window has been opened?
I would like to have something similar. The central unit could be one spider with a receiver module installed.
The “window” unit could be a very simple system without a real CPU that sends a signal when a switch change its status.
What do you think?



This would likely be a one off that most people wouldn’t need. If you have a specific project requirement you could contact me through skewworks.con for a quote. Keep in mind the components needed would likely be more expensive unless ordered in bulk so a piece count would be needed for an accurate estimate.

I disagree. A cheap way to wirelessly set a status bit would be very handy. However, aren’t these switches wired on most alarm systems?

Most security systems have a wired and wireless option; wireless being more expensive.

And the most hackable. I remember when i had ADT come to my house and try to sell me the wireless system. He tried telling me how great it was, little did he know what i know. I tried to tell him there is no way it was secure. We went back and forth. Finally i said ok, if your so convinced that its so great come back with a system and lets set it up here on the table. So the next day he did. We set it up on the table then i turned on a device i hacked to transmit on the same freq as his system and blast more energy. Then his system failed, in fact you could open doors, windows and trip the motion sensor and it did nothing. The master unit did not even say i could not communicate with the sensors. In a panic, he call ADT headquarters engineering. On speakerphone he asked the engineer if someone transmitted on the same freq as these devices with more power would it affect the system. He said yes it would. I then told the sales man “See, i told you so” He left and i had a smile on my face ear to ear.

Steer clear of the wireless home systems!!! They are a joke

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I’d really like something very similar to this (which always seems to be out of stock):


@ ransomhall and I have talked about using them in a number of projects, so if you guys have time to reverse engineer it, that would be awesome. I’d also be willing to help fund the R&D.

I would not want the battery on board, I would want it pluggable, like the Chiqoo board shows.

My vote is for the LiPo charger as well.

Oh yea… I saw a squirrel and forgot to finish my post… I’ve been waiting a long time now for a LiPo charger. That’s definitely my vote also.

We already have 2 different designs for the charger. :wink:

Right now we’ve putting everything into the biggest GPS order we can manage so we can get a good price and pass it along, though charger may be very close behind.