A GPS that works on Hydra + More

GPSUltra is now available for pre-order. We have our first production unit on hand and we’ll be doing an initial run of 50 units! :smiley:



@ Skewworks - Very nice!

skeworks today is a software and hardware company :slight_smile: Well done.

Thank you; hopefully the first of several Gadgeteer modules :smiley:

You specifically mentioned Hydra in the subject. Does it work with the other mainboards as well?

Tested fine on Hydra and Cerb. I don’t have any other main boards ATM.

Hydra was specifically mentioned bc the Seeed GPS works with all main boards except Hydra

How’s this for testing, just got word it runs just fine on 20’ of cable. You know, just in case you want it reaaaaally far away. :slight_smile:

OK I want to know who has 20 feet of cable and where they got it from as I’d love some longer cable runs.

@ Skewworks I assume the membership section of your site isn’t active yet as I tried to setup an account so I could buy one of these bad boys, no such luck yet.

@ Duke, custom made cable. :slight_smile:

I’ll test on Spider, Cerbuino Bee and both Mountaineer boards as soon as I get my module and let you know - and of course the Cobra II when it releases!

And 20 of those are already gone :stuck_out_tongue:

Sneak peak at the new Skewworks.com dropping soon…(featuring the new GPSUltra product page)