$5 NETMF device with 8MB of RAM!

While cleaning up the warehouse, we found a box of CANxtra board, no enclosures. They are marked as tested but we can’t guarantee functionality. If you are looking fro cheap NETMF device with 8MB of RAM and decent Ethernet support, this is yours fro almost free. We put $5 to cover the labor involved in shipping them.

Marked as tested but no guarantee it will work and no support is provided. Here is an old thread with info http://www.tinyclr.com/forum/10/3663/

Buy yours here, only few remain http://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/267

Out of stock already!

Already gone ? :smiley:

Nice timing Architect :wink:

@ Gralin

My internet is faster (1sec difference in replies) ;D

It takes 1s for packet to travel across the ocean :wink:

Is it April 1st already?

Oh well … that would have been a sweet deal. Wish I had seen it in time.


What’s the CAN in CANxtra? What makes this device “xtra” for dealing with CANs?

Is it related to the way these devices deal with automobile communications?


(I too wished I could have gotten in on the action)

It’s got the CAN transceiver hardware included in it.

I wish I’d been able to get my hands on one. Bummer.

Thanks … I missed this line in the description the first time I read through it:

“CAN with High-Speed Dual-Wire transceiver”

Bummer. Missed it… :frowning:

@ Valen

If you do not already have a CANxtra I can provide one to you at a lower price than Gus. $0 with free shipping.

I see, now we know who got them all! :smiley:

Thank you Mike! I do have one.

Try now :slight_smile:

Much better!

Sold! Can’t get much cheaper than that!

Got one! Awesome!

But the shipping rate? It is adding about $5 extra to shipping for each additional unit.

Got 5. :slight_smile:

@ Blue Hair Bob,
Yeah, That did push up shipping quite a bit… :slight_smile:
Wonder if shipping is still calculated on the weight of a boxed canxtra…