$5 NETMF device with 8MB of RAM!

Are there many around still?

I don’t want to get one and have it collect dust, when someone else could make practical use of it.

Almost 15$ to ship one unit to Brazil. I’ll have it in my hands in a month or two, perhaps never. Gotta love customs+postal service!

@ mhectorgato
This is probably the last time you will ever see them. They are old products that are not made anymore, not supported anymore etc. I bought two cased ones during the last “final product sale”. Now I have some spare boards for if I blow one… :slight_smile:

True that.

$5 is awesome. Parts alone on that board costs more if you buy in small. I got a couple of these for geeky gifts. ;D

Never mind the parts, the actual PCB is more than $5… :slight_smile:

For $5 use the power supply. It runs at 30v :slight_smile:

Got me one – I want to be like all the cool kids :smiley:

Well, boo! Finally got time to go try again and their gone again…

Has GHI started shipping them already?

I got my tracking number today, so I think they must be shipping today.

Funny, I have had mine in my hand for almost 24 hours - and I’m in Aus :slight_smile:

Mine was shipped on Friday. Should arrive here tomorrow - Tuesday.

Wonder why mine is still pending :frowning:

Got mine today, just need a project for it.

If you’re looking for a small display that works with these check out the ebay link Architect found:

It’s smaller than the original, but has the same chip and connector

But the spec on EBAY says parallel interface?

And only shipping to the USA? :frowning:

@ errol - If they do indeed work, then I’m happy to order more and send them to you and others. I won’t cry if they don’t work. Well, at least not in a public forum…

I would ask for the datasheet from the seller,before buying just to make sure. Didn’t see that he put only parallel there.

Edit. Ok, I have asked for confirmation on interface options and datasheet for the display. Will update here as soon as I get the response