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3D Models of Fez Boards


I’m busy creating all the components for the Fez boards, then creating 3D models of the boards in SketchUp. I’m using EagleUp. Very nice software.

Should I place the models on the wiki?

Here is a sample of the Mini. Am I close? I don’t have a Mini… :slight_smile:


And the bottom…


Sorry about all the posts. Would be nice to attach more than one picture… :slight_smile:

Here is the Panda1, but I need to still draw a few components…


And the Domino. Also needs parts, and drawing the USB and SD card socket scares me… :slight_smile:


And the Cobra lacks most of it’s parts. But I saw somewhere that someone was looking for a 3D cobra…


Looks great!


This is awesome. We should start a community library for all the hobby components we use around Fez. I have a ton of stuff to contribute. I’ll volunteer to help draw some.

Is there not somewhere we can share things like this - and Eagle files - with check-in/check-out and version control? Maybe set up a github or SVN repository? I’d like to be able to “get latest” on all the design files in the public domain.


That is absolutely sweet! :clap:


Panda1 is done…

But I see that all the caps are the wrong way around… :-[


Domino is almost done. Got bored trying to do the SD card holder… :slight_smile:

And the annoying thing is that the SD card holder on the Panda2 is another part type, so I can’t use this model on the Panda2… :’(


Keep it coming!

We need those for gadgeteer as well :stuck_out_tongue:


@ realiser - seems like someone else thought the same thing about an OSH repository. It’s such a good idea, I started a new thread:





Did you make a lot of your own part models in sketchup or that all default that eagleup comes with?



About 1/4 of the parts on the board are from the default parts that come with EagleUp, I think some of the tantalums, 0603 caps and resistors, mini usb, SOT23 and SOT223 are part of EagleUp. The rest I had to draw.

Oh, also, the USB A on the domino came from RS Components, and I think they are stingy with their licensing, so that will have to be redrawn… :frowning:

You can look at the default parts at

Edit: This is what the Panda1 looks like with the standard parts plus the warehouse parts…


Great stuff! At a minimum, please put these in the Google 3D Warehouse. That’s what it’s for and is a great way to contribute back to SketchUp. Thanks!


These are superb! Based on the difference between the panda 1 drawings, you had to create a fair amount of your own components. You definitely get my nomination for TinyCLR Hero of the Month award (i just made that up).



Thanks for discovering EagleUp. It is a great and easy to use tool.

How does this one look? ;D (Waiting for the actual board to come back from Dorkbot)


Eagle is touting EagleUp as a feature in the soon to be released V6 update. :wink:


@ architect - Chucky looks good! You have a few gadgeteer modules in the works, right? Are you planning on selling them, or making the eagle files available?