1 second boot time, you got to love it and thank microsoft

One of the things we requested was to optimize the way heap is initialized. This caused 5 seconds or more delay on power up. It took a very long time but it finally made it to QFE2. We just compared 2 systems before-QFE2 and after QFE2 and boot up time is down from about 7 seconds to one or 2 seconds :slight_smile:

Note this only effected devices with large memory. You will not see this on panda for example.

So yeah thanks Microsoft’s NETMF team. We are loving this!

… get your hardware ready, QFE2 is about to be released.


Wicked :smiley:

:smiley: :clap: :clap: :clap:

I’ll buy you dinner if you will send this to me today. Problems with deploying/booting to Hydra are wearing a hole in my stomach in preparation for CoderFaire on Saturday…

The hardware is ready! :slight_smile:

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Great news!

but I do wish the Panda boot time could be improved as well.

me ready more than evaaaaaaaa :slight_smile:

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Waiting eagerly :slight_smile:

Wow!!, but now I’ll be checking the site about every 30 seconds waiting for the release.

@ Duke Nukem - and you don’t already? :smiley:

I’ve been doing quite a lot of power-up/reset tests lately.
We get 10.8 seconds from reset until control is handed to our application, and then another 8.7 seconds before the application lights up the LCD and says hello to the user.
Once we get some hardware issues sorted, we’ll optimize our code, probably by first adding a “Loading Config” splash screen before it does the rest of its start-up tasks.

But if we can knock that initial 10.8 seconds down as much as you say, that will be brilliant.

Thanks Gus!

We haven’t done any measurements, but our Mountaineer boards also seem to boot up much faster with QFE2.

@ Gus - will there also be a QFE2 version with Premium libraries for EMX?

Net MF QFE2. Booting time approx. 4 seconds.

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@ igvas2 - looks great, can’t wait to get it.

@ igvas2 - Nice one.

@ WouterH - Here you are

It actually boot faster. You have something slowing it down maybe.
What is your heap size?

TinyCLR dat resides on external SPI FLASH. That is why.

Heap 1Mb

It is done. Check back in 2 hours :slight_smile:

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