1 second boot time, you got to love it and thank microsoft

@ Gus - I will :slight_smile:

T-Minus 1:45:00 to download

great, i’m starting to uninstall everything… so that I’m ready to hit that install button when it’s out… :slight_smile:

In your case you should re-install Windows, to be sure, no? :slight_smile:

I do hope it solves your issues.

LOL i know, it sometimes feel that way…

good thing i have incremental backups … so i can always roll back to a certain date… :wink:

i just repaired VS2010 and waiting for the release to give it a shot.

I think my F5 key is broken :wink:

we need faster upload speed :slight_smile: …hold for a sec…

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@ WouterH-lol and I doubt yours is the only one :smiley:

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