$1 holey board plus up to 50% sale!

This doesn’t need an explanation so lets get right to it…

$1 Holey board
$3 Holey Moley board (limited edition, only available during this sale)
$8 mBuino mbed
50% off all Cerberus boards (Cerb40, Cerbuino, Cerberus)
50% off G120HDR
50% off G30HDR
50% off FEZ Spider Mainboard
20% off FEZ Reaper Tinker Kit
20% off all NETMF Development System
20% off all Raspberry PI HATs
20% off BrainPad .NET

With free shipping for orders over $250, do not forget to add few more things even if they are not on sale.

A few things to note:
• The mBuino is now part of our main catalog. A very low cost, natively programmed using www.mbed.org
• The Holey Moley board is a very large gadgeteer host board, a must have for every gadgeteer owner.
• The Cerb-family and the FEZ Spider are legacy but are completely supported.
• The legacy G120HDR is based on the fully supported G120 SoM. This makes for an excellent, low cost entry to the G120 SoM.
• The G30HDR was replaced with G30TH but the G30HDR is based on the G30 SoC and will be completely supported for years to come.

The sale is available for 4 days but the stock may not, so place your order now!

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…and suddenly the forum is all quite…where is everyone? :wink:

A gift from Gary to the first one to max their credit card :slight_smile:

No seriously, happy holidays to everyone from all of us at GHI Electronics and we hope you find this sale to your liking.

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I guess I’m the first to awaken from the turkey coma :slight_smile: Definitely some good deals to be had there.

Let me know when you place your order… :whistle:


Bug was found and reported (to you via PM) in the shopping cart software. Do I get an extra prize for that? :wink:

I double checked and it was your math and not a bug so does that mean I get to charge you more? ;D

Order placed, and if Devin is working today, probably already packed.


Doh! My bad. I forgot I had a qty of two on one of that $3 item. Did I mention I just awoke from a turkey coma? :smiley:

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Two pages of orders in the queue, you better get what you want before we run out! :smiley:

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Someone just ordered near 200 holey boards in one order! We have to speed up production to keep up :slight_smile:

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That’s a lot of holes! Better get Gary a new drill for Christmas.


Sweet! Order placed!

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Due to high demand the Cerbuino Bee was added to the sale, also at 50% off! If you placed your order earlier today and would like us to add it to your order please direct message me and we will take care of it for you!

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me sitting with that last lonely Cerbuino Net in my cart must have helped someone decide they wanted it :wink:

Does that mean you want a Bee to go with your NET Mr. Brett?

Nah I really wanted the Net… well “really” is too strong, it’s a gap in the lineup that I intended to fill but have left it too long to checkout (waiting for other Aussie crew to give me their list :slight_smile: )

Well tell them to snap to it before everything is sold out!

yeah I know… About to click check out now :slight_smile:

there’s a bug in the cart - final summary page. I’ll PM you Gary :slight_smile:

I don’t think you could place enough orders to be taken of all the lists! 8)

Ok, I will check my inbox shortly.