$1 holey board plus up to 50% sale!

oh, I see you read the order comments… Oh well, another bridge burned. :wink:

@ Brett - LOL, those comments I happened to read!

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You only have 5 minutes left to take advantage of this amazing sale! :open_mouth:

What? I thought it was through christmas!

When is the Christmas sale?

@ mtylerjr - we may or may not have one :dance:

Don’t start! 8)

My order arrived today without being processed by the German tax authorities :clap: :whistle:

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Zu früh gefreut! :’( The bill for taxes and a fee for processing will come in one or two weeks from Fedex, as I know it from my last order

Ok, but for me that’s still better than having to pick up the parcel at the customs office which is >1h away. :wink:

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The offers are very good!

Can’t wait for the Christmas sale!

Got the goods from the sale. Holey Moley board is a beauty!