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Your project may stop working after firmware update. This is normal!


This is the most common mistake out there and the fix is very simple.

When you download a new SDK and update your firmware (or bough a board that has an old firmware), you application will not run. Unfortunately, VisualStudio will not tell you what the error is. Instead, it will load the application and then will just exit with no error messages.

So what is causing this? Your application must use libraries compatible with the firmware loaded on the device.

When you make a project and use the GHI assemblies, they are copied locally to your project folder. When you download new SDK and update the firmware, your PC will have the latest and greatest. But, your project’s folder still has an old copy of the old assemblies.

How to fix this? You just need to remove the GHI assemblies from your project and then add them back in. This will update the files you have in your project folder.

If you just bought a new board and it is giving you this error once you add one of the GHI assemblies then your board has an old firmware and you need to update it.


If you see error message "Error 1 An error has occurred: please check your hardware. " then VS was not able to open the USB driver to the device.

  1. Cable is unplugged
  2. Try reset the board
  3. Reset Visual Studio
  4. Go the “deployment” option on VS (in project properties) and unselect/reselect USB then select USBizi again