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Your personal spacecraft in space! (KickStarter)




That would be fun if we could send up our own FEZ boards… :wink:


Just more dangerous dust in low orbit… His project has very low chances on beeing accepted by any commercial launcher.

I have been working a little on ham radio satellites a few years ago, and I really doubt any of his boards will emit anything in the EM fields after a few seconds our of the cargo box. Too much temperature delta and cosmic ray for modern micro controlers (the biggest the transistors are, the best they behave in cosmic environnement), and not any termal insulation (the golden folds ones).

It could be fun, but not at the price of the future generation space security… just for pinuts ! ???


They promise it will reenter the atmosphere and will burn in a couple of weeks.


Even if it does burn up in a few days, I’m with Nicolas on this one… the temp and radiation will kill these things within moments, and space-specced components aren’t going to be had for $30/sprite. There’s a reason REAL satellites are VERY expensive. Space is a HOSTILE environment.


Thanks for sharing Architect, nice to see fellow people starting Space Technology Interest again. :slight_smile: