Your PC becomes your gadgeteer

I think this is a WONDERFUL idea.

I would hope that some type of WiFi could be used. Not sure I want a 100 foot USB cable
attached to my project…

Just a thought that popped into my little brain.

need wifi? then get a spider + wifi module :slight_smile:

@ Gus -

I have those… I only commented because I have no idea how your project will be implemented.

I read … The solution: Your PC is your gadgeteer mainboard, through a USB cable!
so I am not sure if this means for development and/or final design of a project.

Hay, I’m old and my brain works really slow these days…

I was just teasing. We did actually talk about a wireless option.

@ Gus -

I did not take your comment in offence. (I Never get ‘ticked’ at anyone in here!) Great folks…

Glad your thinking about it…

I think Justin already has that problem solved!

I’ve noticed allot of sub 100$ tablet coming on the market. Most use a A8 chip and android. Anywhere from 7 to 10" touch screen. Only usb and WIFI for IO. Use a GHI SOM and one of these tablets fused together with some .net software would be a inexpensive and powerful platform. Kind of like the IOIO for .net.