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You guys still here?


Good to see so many old names are still hanging out here. I still get email updates and stuff from this forum so I lurk around a little. Got a little scared today as @Justin name came up in a conversation I was having with someone in New Zealand about technology.

I still use some of my old Gadgeteer stuff in some labs I teach. Good stuff is good stuff.


Look who is here. We miss you.


That cant be good :rofl:

Glad your still playing :slight_smile:


I always diving here.
Gadgeteer used to be my favorite system.
Duke_Nukem and Justin give me many good help before.
I succesfully used it in my project.
But when no more good suppoting, it is now in my drawer.
Presently, I am an assistant professor in civil engineering, I have a class to teach studeent to use embedded system. Now I am using Mbed, and I am considering maybe the TinyCLR can be added in my next semester.


So happy to be able to help and congrats on completing your studies.