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Yes i am easily amused


Zumo now has a “Donut” button

Thats gotta impress the Aussie V8 yobbo’s :whistle:


Wow a donut button… thought the device was capable to pick up some Krispy Kreme :whistle:


Thats phase 3

Phase 2 is Fast and the Furious “Racing Stripes” and “Huge does nothing rear wing”


Small things amuse small minds… :wink:

I’m sure Dave McLaughlin will come along with something wittier than I, being the Aussie V8 enthusiast he is…


Come on, can’t you at least add a V8 sound track and some tire smoke? :slight_smile:


Funnily enough, there are a few electric cars racing but I don’t see the attraction to the silence. What makes racing so much fun for me is the sound.


I think it was the Australian F1 host who sued Bernie because F1 cars are more silent since this season :clap:


I’m at Neverland today, so Zumo got field upgraded :clap:


WAY too much time on your hands… :slight_smile:


@ Dave McLaughlin - R & D…honest… :whistle: