Has anyone used XTEA crypto on a pc? I’d like to share data between my device and PC. I’m using framework 4.1 .


depending on what you are doing, xtea maybe just fine. It is defiantly not a way to encrypt a bank’s financial data but if you have a product and you want to send configuration in securely then it is probably fine. Your customer is not going to spend the next few months trying to figure out what algorithm you are using and once they know it is xtea then they need a lot more days ot break it…and then a lot more days to reverse engineer what data is being transmitted across.

xtea code is simple, here it is XTEA - Wikipedia

Here is one: Tiny Encryption Algorithm - CodeProject

Nonsense. The proper application of a private/public key encryption algorithm, such as XTEA, is in no way security by obscurity. The [em]vulnerability [/em]in XTEA is only if you expose the ability to encrypt to the attacker and allow them to do a million (on average) plain-text encryptions. Or you use keys that are not fully random. As long as you are aware of how to use XTEA, it can be very effective and quite secure. XTEA is a good option for embedded devices as it is simple and built into the framework.

IMO, you can use XTEA as long as you generate new keys frequently. This new key should be passed between devices using a stronger encryption.
For example:
I used to play a game called Tibia which uses XTEA. When you connect to either login or game server, the client first sends a RSA encrypted packet(1024 bits key) that contains the XTEA key used for subsequent packets.

Oh, I see there is a big question mark about XTEA. Guess, some more resource (on my part) is required, and I’ll let you all know how I get on.

I’m using it to send data ie sensor information etc… over wireless (GPRS). It doesnt have to be mega secure 128bit etc. I dont need it to be extra secure as secure = time and power!! So XTEA might be secure enough.

Thanks alot guys and a very Merry Christmas & new year to you all.