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XMODEM Uploader to replace TeraTerm


What about a small simple application to upload the firmware instead of using TeraTerm?
This was suggested by some users and we found it beneficial but GHI is just too busy to do it. I have used my own personal time and made this last night. IT is a very simple application written in C#. All it does is take a file and send it over a serial port using XMODEM 1K CRC protocol.
Note that this is a PC application not NETMF application.

(link removed)

Please be my guest and feel free to use the application and enhance it anyway you like. I borrowed the xmodem code from the internet and the copyright is still in the file.

Have fun B)


Hello Gus,

I have been playing with your tool and made it some modifications to the source code and i need to fix some other issues as well. What i have basically done is:

  1. change the Commport inputbox into a combobox and added the ports where the FEZ boards running the Bootloader. When there is no FEZ board found it will request you now to plug-in a FEZ board and place it in bootloader mode.

  2. You can now only start uploading, when the port and fGHI file is correctly set.

  3. You will now see the BL version and the Serial number.

  4. After uploading a “Close” button is shown.

I have put a picture below to show you how it is looking now. I hope you like it. There is on think i do not know how to solve and that is how i make the image in the open folder button transparent.


You have listened to my suggestions! :slight_smile:
Thanks for making this tool more useful !


If you can make this tool awesome and users love it then I will give you 500 points or maybe more depending on how nice you make it :wink:



I will do my best to please you all,

When you have some ideas to add, please shoot.
I hoped to show the current versions etc, but i’m not getting it currently :wink: So now it shows only the Boot-loader version.

btw i forgot to mansion that when you put the firmwareloader in the same folder as the GHI file then that file is directly selected. No seach needed anymore :wink:


ok now here are the files:

the runtime:

And the source is here:

I hope you like it.


Do you want to add “about box” with copyright to GHI and to you? and to whoever helped :slight_smile:
Maybe some help box too? Or help on the main page.

It also scared me the first time I ran it because it failed telling me there is no FEZ…I didn’t know it was looking for FEZ. Shouldn’t there be something like…“searching for FEZ”?

Great so far though


thanks i will add those



The very nice, there is a new version of the installer. I have implemented all of the request that Gus asked above and did some extra stuff too.

What is new:

  • The Uploader exist now with 2 pages:
    • first a welcome message with a steps to use the tool. (please let me know of i made so text errors)
    • Second the already existing input page with the upload button
  • Added an default aboutbox. (need to know how to show the description box correctly)
  • All input control’s have now a tooltip.
  • The text of message box that is shown when the uploader did not found any FEZ boards is a little bit changed.
  • you can now use the Enter button to step to the pages

The files can be downloaded with the early shown links.

Hope you like what you are seeing.
I’m not so sure about the size of the window, maybe i need to make it a bit bigger. Please let me know what you think.


PS. Gus, I wanted to put the tool under the GPL license can that be done and which version you want to use?


As far as the code I made, I do not mind any licence as log as it benefits the community.

I added 500 to your account, thanks for the nice work.

I will try the tool soon


The new version, is this the same download link?
You should update the projects page :wink:


Yes it is still the same link’s as before.

And yes i’m now updating the project pages as well :wink:


Thanks, downloaded ;D


I’m a little late to the party, but better late than never!

So anyway I am also working on this one and here is my implementation.

Alternative image

I’ve made a Device class that simplifies the use of all the bootloader functionality, only thing thats not working at this stage is UserApplication Read(my xmodem rewrite isn’t behaving right when receiving, or the one on the FEZ isn’t behaving exactly as the reference docs say it should).



Would it p\be possible to put more commands into the bootloader menu?

What if we made a complete control panel for the FEZ?


Do you guys know that USBizi can read the loaded application? And it can store it?

Why do we need this?

In production, you will not use VS2010 to load 1000 devices. Instead you will have a master device that you copy from and then this copy go on the other 999.

It will be a nice feature to have. See USBizi user manual on GHI website


yes i saw that but i did not have any idea how to use it.

can you explain how it works?


I thought I already explained it in last post :o
Maye the manual of USBizi will make it clearer?

One command to read the application and another to store the application…XMODEM, just like how you use XMODEM to load firmware but this time to load the application.


Mine can do that Gus.


Then you deserve 500 points!

Lets make one tool that everyone can use