Xmas can be a tough time

In NZ we have to go to the beach and drink cold beverages…its o so tough… :smiley:


It looks like you are missing North (Pole ?) weather :whistle:

@ Justin - I hate you right now :wall:

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@ Justin - Well Merry Christmas to you and yours and all those hanging out at the GHI campfire.

Here is to a prosperous New Year in 2017…and fun.

@ Justin - aw, I saw that can as a dark beer, until I started studying and learned you are sipp’en rum and cokes. Well there it is.

Beach is getting crowded, might have to go find a quieter bay :smiley:


@ Justin - Totally unacceptable, move along.

We got the heat hear, just not the view. :frowning:

scorcher in Sydney at the moment too. A few days of 32*C (~90F) weather with high humidity, which also included an unwelcome visitor in our back yard, what we think was probably an Eastern Brown Eastern brown snake - Wikipedia Needless to say, since he wanted to bask somewhere close to the pool yard, we spent no time by the pool that day…

It is a beautiful sunny day here at the moment.17c at 10 AM and due to reach 20-21

Sunday though is looking to reach 31c with rain. Ick

We couldn’t see the end of our sidewalk in the blizzard we had here for two days before Christmas, I hate you, but nothing like a good blizzard to free up some time for coding :slight_smile: Got another app coming up for the App Store.


@ Brett - 2nd most venomous land snake! He can have the pool. :hand:

@ Duke Nukem - What’s the app?

he did :slight_smile: Haven’t been back. Putting the place on the market this month. (joking about one, not the other…) But yeah, whatever, they’re everywhere, we were just unlucky to see him. 5 mins either way and we would have most likely been oblivious to his passing, unless the dogs surprised him…

We went to a small secluded cove along the beach near Lyttleton on Monday. It is a small Maori Marae and settlement called Rapaki. My wife (who is Maori) went to high school with the guy who handles all the Ngāi Tahu (south island Maori) properties, and he said we could go down to the cove.

Apparently the place is named after the waist-mat (Rapaki in Maori) of a famous chief who claimed the cove by laying his mat on the beach.

It was a beautiful sunny day, we walked out to the end of the dilapidated pier, then explored the tidepools and the volcanic caves. My son and I had a great time overturning rocks and watching hundreds of small crabs scurry away. I love summer in new zealand.

Here is a view looking down at Rapaki (you can see the pier, and the beach, and the volcanic caves on the far side:

thats an awesome place to go! As I said to you before, I love Lyttleton, its a great area, and I have fond memories of a bike ride over Port Hills and the views were spectacular.

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As I sit here (cough) looking forward to going camping with my son this weekend at Cub Scout winter camp, I’m contemplating moving to NZ…

@ ianlee74 - We are going camping for the last 9 days of January at Okains Bay, where I took this photo 2 years ago in January:

Its one of my favorite places to swim. A protected bay where you can swim out half a kilometer from shore and not have to worry about sharks. Last time, I dove down to the bottom and collected enough pipis(clams) for a meal for me and Macallum.

Pipis: [url]http://www.catchingseafood.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Pipis-low-res.jpg[/url]

@ mtylerjr - I hate you :slight_smile:

then look at the pic here Okains Bay - Wikipedia then you’ll really hate him :slight_smile:

Lovely place.