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XBox360 controller using PC wireless?


This is a question I’m sure a few would want to know… but does the xbox 360 controller code work with the wireless transceivers for pc computers? or would we need to make some new custom code for that?


No, it does not. I’m assuming it is not a trivial task or somebody would have done it already. Another oddity noted on many other forums is the lack of support by MS for a chatpad API (in any framework). Would be very useful for these boards if anybody could pull it off. One would get some instant fame here… hint, hint.


I’ve seen how the Microsofts Robotics Studio uses and used a USB X-Box 360 controller to contol an Parallax Boe-Bot through a wireless bluetooth adapter back in 2007…now dont think MSRD is a walk in the park software, its a beast on its own with 3D simulation, Mulithreding, internet capabilities, Visual Programming Languages, native .Net laguages use, with Iron Python support… unfortunate the code for the Boe-Bot on the MSRD “Side” never made it the the new versions of (MSRD R3 or R2) meaning using the Boe-Bot on MSRD is useless unless you or someone makes the code for the MSRD "Side"so it can communicate to the Boe-Bot. (the Boe-Bot uses a Basic Stamp 2… its vary basic, cant multitask, just run the program on a loop…you use a tokenized language “to save space” PBasic to program it.) its a nice and good Robot… But using the .Net Microframework itself can make this possible dont give up… mixing this with MSRD and the FEZ… as Tim ALLEN said… Oh Oh oH… Im sure some one or you can figure it out if you give it a try… as the Bible says; Search and you shall Find!!!