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Are there any xbee users on this forum…
This topic may help another on this forum (“ir camera” )

I have a small jpeg camera made by 4D systems that has to sit watching the hoist drum on a small 3 Ton crane… It doesn’t have to display a very large picture “160 x 120” about 4k in size… It transmits about 8 packets 512 bytes long and at 115000 bps can produce 5-6 frames a second. Good enough to keep tabs on the hoist drum.

The question!!! with an xbee module in dataflow mode, would the transmission be seemless.

The reason I ask is Iknow that ZigBee can only send 128 bytes at a time. The EMX would be able to decode the jpeg once received. I’m just concerned that if I buy two xbee modules would I be waisting my time?

I know there are video senders out there, but they can’t do the range required… They also take loads more power…

Thanks in advance


If you want to know if the EMX module can do the required jpeg processing, attach the camera directly to the Cobra and see if you do the processing.

I am not familar enough with ZigBee to make a comment. Can ZiGBee handle the 11500bps stream plus overhead? Do you need a reliable connection?

You did not specify what is at the other end of the connection. Would WiFi be an alternative?


wireless modules can have limitation on packet size but that doesn’t mean you can’t send multiple packets


Yes the connection should be fairly reliable… The camera comes with a demo for a PC connection and that seems to run very well… You can adjust the packets right down, to say…64 bytes or even 32 bytes.

ZigBee and Xbee are virtually the same technology, both are derived from the blutooth technology. but the difference is protocol overhead ZigBee has a minute protocol compaired to Bluetooth…

I will, of course, run the camera with a direct connection to say …Com3, before I connect Xbee. I just need to learn how to read a jpeg from a buffer rather than the standard Resource object.

It shouldn’t be too hard should it. When you say its “freakin easy” I find it’s very freakn easy. Today I connected my sensors read them and proccessed and displayed them WITHOUT LOOKING IN EBOOK… Microsoft just fills in the ID’s, functions and parameters at the touch of the keyboard… you can actually write a page of code in seconds…



We are glad you like it :slight_smile:

Maybe you can shoot me an email if you haven’t done this yet :slight_smile:


Please keep the “freakin easy” aspect quiet. If everyone know how easy it was to use a FEZ then no one would be impressed h what we build. :smiley:


LOL good one Mike :smiley:

It is great when you can spend your valuable time making something amazing instead of digging around the webs trying to find an answer for something simple…like try to write a file on SD card on anything beside FEZ and you will know what I mean :slight_smile: