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XBee speed


I am getting about 60kbps max on my XBee Pro S1. Both set at 115,200, N, 8, 1.
Panda just sending out Hello in a tight loop. And windows side reading on sep thread. Is ~half baudrate about the best anyone is getting? tia


Send longer packets. Half your bandwidth will be going into RF overhead. If you send longer packets you’ll have less overhead relative to the data and get better throughput.


Xbee, I believe, has a small packet size. When I tried to send pictures from my JPEG camera I was restricted to 128 bytes per packet… 1.2k pictures had to be split up into 9 packets… I also got about 60kps, I couldn’t get any faster…

Cheers Ian


How far away are your controllers, and how much power do they have? They should throttle the baud rate in order to keep good signal strength. Faster baud = less receiver sensitivity.


Mine were in the same room 5m max… and as much power as they needed…

I’m not completely bothered about the speed… I need distance…

Cheers Ian


Mine about 2 feet away - just small test rig.
I could live with 60kbps also. Just wondering if I was doing something wrong or if I needed to tweek the xbee config. There is a lot of knobs in X-CTU.