Xbee Shield on FEZ Panda

Gi guys!! how are you?

Ok, I am fine… I have a doubt… I was looking to Xbee Shield from DFRobot, but the shield have a ICSP connection on back, and the FEZ Panda don’t have ICSP plug like Arduino… this is a problem ?


Use this one http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9976

Is this the shield you are talking about? Is so than you have a detailed description available here:


If you want to use XBee module only for communication than you need to connect 4 pins from Panda: 3.3 VCC, GND, COM IN, COM OUT.

Hi Gralin,

My intention is to use only to communicate two points (Xbee <-> Xbee).

I am looking to the same, but you said that I can use Xbee for other functions, what are?


XBee is a ZigBee System-On-Chip from Digi (you can read more about SoC on wikipedia). This is not a ZigBee<->TTL converter but a very powerful controller. It has Analog/Digital inputs, Digital outputs (also PWM). Module by itself can be programmed to send information about input interrupts or send periodical information about analog input values. This way you can monitor ‘things’ by only using this module. Newest modules can also be programmed (in Python) to do some custom stuff. If you want to send data wirelessly from one point to another than maybe you should focus on some simple wireless solutions like this: