XBee series 1 or series 2


I’m looking for some advice from people with XBee experience.

I’m planning to replace my OneWire sensor network (atm only temp and hum) with wireless XBee sensors. Each sensor would consist of 1 analog temp/hum sensor, 1 analog light sensor, 1 optional motion PIR sensor and optionally 1 open/close contact sensor (to check open windows with a hall-effect switch). I want to accomplish this with no MCU involved on the sensor nodes. I know this is perfectly possible with XBee modules.

However, I’m in doubt whether I should be looking at Series 1 or Series 2 modules. I want to start with 3 XBee modules, 1 connected to the Cobra, and 2 in the “wild” (located in house at various places). Afterwards, this could increase to about 20-30.

Ultimately they should be battery powered, so very low power consumption is desired.

Any advice you guys might have for me?

The differences are listed here…

I have both a pair of Series1 XBP 24 802.51.4 and a pair of series 2 XBP24 ZB

Doesn’t seem too diferent between them the series 2 take a smidge less power than series 1 but both can have sleepy end devices and a coordinator so… any really.

Cheers Ian

Sires 1. Series 2 is outdated and discontinued.

Really Chris… I have the series2 pro which is the latest… XBP24 ZB…

Cheers Ian

Yep, Just because the number is further chronologically, it’s been discontinued.

The 2.X series were really only for mesh networks anyway.

Digimesh has been discontinued but the zigbee stack isqiute new, the XBP24 ZB pro series 2 is the latest line… ( well according to their technical guy in Germany anyway )

Cheers Ian…

Eric, I know this is an old post, but did you get any further with your XBee network?

The “sensor” network you describe with motion sensor, contact sensor, etc is similar to a network that I am designing for my home. I am trying to decide if I should use XBee wireless or OneWire.

I am not very familiar with OneWire, but I been doing a lot of reading.

[ol]What type of physical wire do you use?
Are there length limitations?
Are there general purpose hardware drivers instead of dedicated temperature or other sensor devices?[/ol]


Got a series 2 this week. And yes, I will send it back :smiley:

The product numbering scheme certainly is confusing. That hasn’t gone unnoticed by Digi. Rumor has it we’ll see some rebranding that makes more sense.

Not only this is confusing. The name of the module itself - XBee - doesn’t necessarily mean that it uses ZigBee protocol (you need to look for XBee ZB)

Gralin is right. Because my series one is Xbee pro. And the series 2 is Xbee ZB. ::slight_smile:

The Pro term indicates that it has a larger working distance compared to the non-Pro version of the same module.