XBee Adapter Module pins


XBee Adapter Module has a socket type of K or U, and the overview page says that RXD is pin 4 and TXD is pin 5, but according to this page http://gadgeteer.codeplex.com/wikipage?title=.NET%20Gadgeteer%20Socket%20Types sockets K and U have TXD on pin 4 and RXD on pin 5.
This is a typo on XBee Adapter Module page, right?

According with the same page, the difference between K and U is that K has hardware flow control, so if i connect xbee to socket U, will i loose any kind of functionality?


everything is correct. TX from the processor mst be connected with RX of the mudule and vice versa. You can use an U socket if you do not need hardware flow control. Everthing will work fine if processor and module can receive at every time as fast as the the other side sends.