Xamarin now free with all versions of Visual Studio!

Live info from Build 2016!!!


you hu!!! :dance: :dance: :dance:

Let’s hope full VB support will be provided soon as well. MS is committed to VB.NET dev/support, right? :slight_smile:

Latest language improvements that came with VB14 were just fantastic!

I had to do a complete wipe of my windows 10 partition and reinstalled last night. I left for work this morning with VS2015 is installing at home, including Xamarin… I just signed up for another business Trial 2 days ago… I am stoked!

When I asked Xamarin what was to become of the subscription that I just renewed in March, they offered me a full refund on my platform subscription price (just under $1800 for me) or a credit toward Xamarin University or Xamarin Test Cloud. If you purchased a Xamarin subscription between Jan 1 and March 31, you may want to contact them.

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@ mcalsyn - Wow. Very nice.

That’s downright generous of them. Nice!