X-10 From Cobra?

Any simple X-10 modules I could use from a FEZ Cobra to toggle a light?

I think there are x10 rs232 gateways. You can then use serial port to handle x10

I was thinking about the firecracker serial stuff I have here, but my cobra doesn’t have a physically present serial interface and if I recall the RS232 gateways are actually purely manipulating the signals via toggling the various status lines and is highly timing dependent. I wasn’t sure how perfectly those timings needed to be relative to the speed of the cobra. I haven’t played around with x10 in a very long time. Has anyone posted a success story here to your knowledge? Maybe it’s a piece of cake. Assuming it works, do I need a level converter chip to add a serial port?

Nope, I’ve never heard anyone say they’d done an X10 project.

@ loconut - A year ago I started developing an Insteon USB PLM driver (will also work with the RS-232 version of this device). I have it working to the point of being able to find the PLM device on the USB Host port and receive events from devices that are linked to the PLM. This PLM device supports simple X-10 commands, but I don’t have any X-10 devices, so I haven’t tried that.

I haven’t been able to work on the driver for the last 8 months because I was looking for a job, and then had to move to a new location. I don’t have a development system setup here yet, so I can’t do any work on the driver. I would be happy to give you what I have, but it is far from finished, and it is part of a large framework that needs to be in place for it to work.

I would suggest you check out these links:


Also you can have a look at this :

Is seems to be very interesting, and if it works for Arduino, I guess it will on every GHI product…

@ LouisCpro - I had a quick look at the arduino X10 library, and I don’t think it will work on NETMF products because it requires tight timing synchronized to a power-line zero crossing pulse coming from the Marmitek XM10 Two-way PLC Interface. However, you could use a PLC with signal processing built-in, and a serial interface to a NETMF controller board.

RLP should help with tight timing needed so it can be done on netmf.

Sorry Gus, I forgot about RLP. For my purposes, I would rather concentrate on the higher level code, especially if there is a device that does all the heavy lifting, and provides an easy to program serial interface.

Correct but keep in mind that you write RLP to do the x10 work, only couple functions, maybe 100 lines of code, and then everything else is managed code.


and moreover, it also depends on how you consider to be dependant of a PLC, or completely be free from any device apart the one you develop…

What if th PLC is not provided in a while…What if any changes or evolution in X10 make your PLC obsolete…
Wha if you want to also implement EIB, KNX and other known protocols…