Www.nabto.com like own service

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can someone please tell me if there is a way to create a Cloud service like https://www.nabto.com where i would provision and connect my apps to my devices through NAT and the likes?

Nabto seems a bit high on the price.
or maybe something cheaper and reliable…



with C# - you can create server which support TLS 1.2 (MQTT and WEBSOCKET)

and code for client mqtt for tinyclr (not tested yet)

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I would recommend AWS IoTcore or AzureIoT at least to start… Both support MQTT/AMQP with a free plan and examples are available for nanoFramework (since TinyCLR does not have the necessary networking yet)… technically both support HTTPS connections as well…

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The thing I’m confused about is the peer to peer connection will using the above provide that? Where my devices are accessible from a mobile app even when they are behind a fire wall?

There is no direct connection from your device behind the NAT to your mobile device (also behind a NAT). Your device talks to the cloud service, your phone talks to the cloud service, and it looks like they talk - but the cloud is really more like a proxy than anything