WTF - You can sell some right rubbish on the internet

After backing an interesting and real working design, I came across this on Kickstarter.

The video has nothing to do with the project.

no, you’re so wrong. That has everything to do with it ! You just can’t see the vision the authors have. It’s obvious if you can make the pen move, then you can print pancakes ! OBVIOUS ! And it’s obviously obvious to the fools^w backers (parents ?) who kicked it over the line.

Oh, and way to go - KS and Amazon Payments just took a nice cut, hope you had asked for more than you wanted !

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well, the video does show an effective use of Lego’s,

from the bios

I’m betting they did this as a introduction project to entrepreneuring and their funding came from family and friends supporting them, so not a bad idea really (likely given a visit to their website ).

Sure it cost them a couple of bucks to kickstarter etc, but the education received could be worth far more and they got the money they needed to take the next step on their journey.

Given this is a couple of kids getting a start, I’d say its a far better kickstarter project then

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I may have to back this, actually. The effective use of LEGOs and more importantly a CNC drive system that I’ve never seen before tells me that these high school kids are going somewhere! I want to know if they’re using a standard GT2 pulley or did they make one that fits the threaded rod???

Rubber band meshing with threaded rod?

Hm. Simple, effective, not a bad idea.

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