Writing to FLASH memory?

Hi. I have the EMX Development System. The manuals all talk about writing to SD card or USB; however, is it possible to write a few small values to flash memory? I just want to store a few system settings. I can’t find any reference to user storage in flash memory. Can it be done? If so, how? I am wanting to make a web page to update settings in memory.

Thank you.

Some options…

Extended Weak Reference
Battery RAM

ExtendedWeakReference worked great. Thanks!

There is no good answer ? Anybody no idea? So for GHI engineer … why you dont have answer for it.!

Hi Hanny D, welcome (and thanks for putting your name on the forums too )

So using EWR is the right approach and allows you to persist the small amount of protected settings across reboots. What isn’t right about that answer? Gus gave it too, so GHI definetely have answered you.

You have to remember that the EMX is a module that GHI have “ported” NETMF onto it; they decide how to make different portions of the memory available to users and the system, and they’ve decided in a way that fits well with the way NETMF is meant to operate. If you were doing the port a different way you may choose differently; but that’s not in question. The EMX is a commercial, GHI propietary, “module” that you have no control over.

What is your real problem? Try explaining that (in a separate thread) and you’ll get more input from others around here - certainly more than appearing harsh on a post that was answered a year ago.

I have a similar problem, and as a newbie, I’m a bit confused as to how using an Extended Weak Reference solves this problem. Does an Extended Weak Reference get written to Flash when it’s collected by the garbage collector? It doesn’t make sense to me.

Any clarification would be very much appreciated.

Yes, when there is no live references to the object referenced by the ewrs it will be serialized.