Writing a message onto a display for a certain time period

I have a short program written which I would like to display text onto a display for 2 seconds when a button is pressed. Do far I have this code:

disp.SetCursor(0, 0);
disp.SetCursot(1, 0);

I imagined that this would hold the display values for 2 seconds but it does not, the Sensor Zeroed text just flashes up and then goes back to the original display value.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Where is the code that removes the text from display?
With only this code the text:
should never disappear.

Yes, welcome to the forum.

Somewhere else in your code is something that is clearing the screen or over-writing what was there. The code you show should display text and then that thread will sleep for 2 seconds, and then whatever the next statement is will execute. So you have a second thread or a timer that is also displaying onto the screen and doing the over-writing.