Wring modules directly to any gadgeteering product

Many of you have asked a simple question before, “How do I wire my own circuit to one of the Gadgeteer modules, like a joystick?”

The answer is simple, use the G-Plug module. This very low cost module (5 for under $3) does a simple yet important job, it converts the socket so a 0.1" header placement. You can solder wires directly or plug it in a breadboard.

It works well on mainboard and one modules and the board is small enough that you can cover the entire mainboard and they still fit nicely.

We hope you find this useful.


nice one :slight_smile:

That is a very useful addition!

Wow, was this introduced today ?

This is a must have to the toolbox :slight_smile:

Yes, just now, hot from the oven :slight_smile:

Good idea. Will you be selling the plugs separately also?

They are separate already :slight_smile: but if you need a volume then I am sure they are available from places like digikey and mouser.

Yea. I thought that since you had the sockets, you might also go ahead and add the plugs. No immediate need, though.

What is the part number, if you don’t mind sharing?

I have used these before and they fit nicely.


@ Dave McLaughlin - Yes that is what we used, very similar.