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The last few days have been very interesting !

GHI publishing some great announcements (lower prices, optimized product line, Cerb firmware), signs of life at MS, Steve Maillet getting back into NETMF.

Almost after two years, I am wondering if I need to actually dust off the NETMF hardware (if I can find them) or buy the latest ones.

Waiting to see what comes up as the year advances.


For those of us who weren’t involved back in '09, what is the significance of Steve Maillet being involved again? As I understand it, Colin Miller was also involved early on, and still is?

It seems to me like the move to DevDiv in '09 mostly killed off forward progress on NETMF?


I would consider involvement of someone from the original team to help push NETMF forward, they were the ones with the vision for the platform. Ever since that team was dismantled we have not seen major improvements on the platform (the half finished JIT for example)

Well I may be wrong but in the days of sparse NETMF documentation his blog used to have little bits of info

At some point they let him go, I don’t know why

now he is back, may be some of the original vision will get implemented … I don’t know… I really don’t.


Yes it is very exciting for us as well. We have always loved NETMF and put a lot of resources into it but in the past few months, NETMF was not as exciting.

It is coming back, FEZ is coming back and it will be better than ever before!

FEZ Panda III anyone?!


bringing back memories

USBizi DevSys is still my favorite :slight_smile:


2008!! :clap: