Wow! Whole new video series from Microsfot on C# and VB

I just saw that MS has posted a series of videos for getting started with C# and VB:


There are 20+ short videos in each series. I have not watched them yet but this is great for folks just getting going.

Is telling someone to watch a video the same as telling them to read a manual? :o

Would that be: WTFV? LOL…

:smiley: I seem to remember a thread a few months ago where that response didn’t end so well :wink:

Excellent series of videos and my kudos to Bob Tabor and Microsoft for releasing them.

The only thing I would suggest with regard to viewing them is to view the last one first!

I’m curious…why do you say that? I haven’t had a chance to sit down and watch the series yet.

The last video doesn’t deal with code at all. It deals with how to find the resources to get help when you are stuck with something. Both from Microsoft and elsewhere. The days of having a few pages of keywords are long gone.