WOW this is some amazing spider!

I see a very interesting looking spider on my desk. It is about the size of my hand but it is not taranchula. Anyone here familiar with spiders? Can I touch it?! Maybe i should take some pictures and post them here.

oh oh, what wonderful stuff did GHI bring up this time? :smiley:

show some pictures, I would tell you what kind of spider it is :slight_smile:

sounds like another Mini robot kit on its way. Sign me up!

Spide or Squid ???

I am familiar with spiders, send it to me and I will have a look at it ;D

where are the pictures of the best ? :slight_smile:

Yes Gus! It is not a teasing anymore - it is a torture!

OMG… this spider so just so cool…can we name him FEZ Spider please?

Oops LOL…Hey…how does he walk? ;D

When can we buy those [italic]sexy extenders[/italic] ? I want them :smiley:

They are perfect to connect the B/W 3.6" LCD screens.

That is awesome!

+1 to Eri; I totally want those extenders too, they’d be great for Game Slate

This is awesome!


Just one thing to say:

“Make it cheap, make it available, Make it mine now” :slight_smile:

Technical details will be more than welcome for my “newbie” eyes !!!

Now I’m even more upset at my job for making me work this weekend and miss the Faire. I wanna play w/ the fun toys!!! Why no Friday date Maker Faire, why?!

Please tell me that’s a laser sitting on top. Lasers add +10 to everything.

Is this .NET Gadgeteer?

looks Gadgeteer like to me too !

Cool. ghi will provide extensions for gadgeteer 8)

And here is the announcement

Main board as well! ;D