Wouter: Question for you

I have a eHome IR receiver from microsoft including the remote (you know, the ones to control a mediacenter)

Now the remote is broken. What i would like to do is the following:
Replace the receiver with a panda and ir sensor, and use the remote i recovered from a belgacom digibox.
I would like the panda to mimic the eHome receiver so that the included MS eHome driver thinks there is a eHome receiver connected.
Reason I ask is that i don’t want to invent all sorts of links/helper programs to control MediaPortal.

Is this doable?


You can record the signal of the original remote and repeat it by using OutputCompare. So yes it is doable.

But you’ll first need to repair your remote :wink: Most problems with remote controls is the IR led that comes loose because you have dropped it on the floor for to many times, in this case, just resolder the IR LED.

Now I’m thinking of it, you might also use a programmable universal remote control like the Logitech Harmony. This will solve your problem ‘the easy way’ :slight_smile:



thanks, i know i can record the IR and use outputcompare to transmit it again, but i think you mis-understood the question:

Yes, I did :slight_smile:
I suppose the eHome receiver you have is a USB device? You can sniff USB data and emulate it or you could check the linux source of the eHome USB driver here http://lxr.free-electrons.com/source/drivers/media/rc/mceusb.c

Ok, I looked at http://download.microsoft.com/download/0/7/E/07EF37BB-33EA-4454-856A-7D663BC109DF/Windows-Media-Center-RC-IR-Collection-Green-Button-Specification-03-08-2011-V2.pdf but that is way over my head. I’ll simply buy a new remote.

Would have been a cool project though