Worlds most natural touch UI

You might as well start considering how to improve your touch UI


A thoughtful concept, but is a bit too limited for it’s intended usage.

Definitely a good start to a change from simply replicating the physical buttons to a true touch screen inspired interface.

I’ve been using two finger gestures whilst driving for years. :slight_smile:


I can hear the complains of carpenters. :whistle:

I just like that it reminds me of Tony Stark.

I got my first Windows 8.1 Tablet a few weeks back, and I’ve got to say they’ve gotten touch down the best so far IMO.

Not so much from cars, but this video shows so little I’m not sure they can make big claims about it. I’d prefer they keep the most common things like audio control as buttons on the wheel, and physical AC controls on the dash.

The less accessed settings are perfectly fine for a touch screen.

I wait for the next big innovation like burp or fart activation :snooty:

I am very happy that my audio controls are on the back of the steering wheel. (although they should agree on a standard, so I don’t need to remember what car I am in).

Agreeing to a standard would mean to not have all possible design decisions in their own hands. And I know that this is the last thing a car manufacturer wants.