World’s Largest Arduino Maker Challenge

Just in case anyone is interested


We’ve partnered with Adafruit, Atmel, Arduino and Microsoft to bring you our best Maker contest yet!

We’re calling all inventors, artists, makers and developers to show the world what you can create with Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft Azure and the new Arduino MKR1000 (US only) and Genuino* MKR1000 (Outside US) or the Arduino UNO. Earn bonus points by tapping into the power of Microsoft Azure cloud to capture, analyze, and visualize your data with Azure IoT Suite, Azure IoT Hub, Stream Analytics and Machine Learning.

The contest:

  1. makes the first 1000 MKR1000 devices available to contest entrants
  2. ties the Arduino MKR1000 to Windows 10 UWA via Windows Virtual Shields and Windows Remote Arduino.
  3. runs until March 18th, where 3 lucky winners will be brought to international Maker Faires to showcase their projects.

some serious contenders on this forum, for sure.

I would love to enter, if that was NETMF instead of Arduino.

Sometimes its good to take a step back so you can fully appreciate what you have :wink:

What would be cool would be a GHI produced board that was pinout compatible with this new Arduino. I expect its going to be very popular. Once people exceed its capabilities they’ll be looking to upgrade and pop in something more powerful. Anyone seen any expected pricing for it yet?

@ ianlee74 - I was thinking just that, to indirectly enter the contest by providing our community with what they need to win. I wonder if this violates any of the rules.

Well, what would you be providing? A new type of board? free samples to select groups? I think so long as you don’t do the actual work with the board it should be fine. Microsoft is clearly sponsoring this to attract people to their cloud. I guess since its so easy to get netmf to talk to azure that they decided to not focus on this.

I’m not sure I understand what you’re concerned with? Rule #1 is that contestants have to…

I assume we can add anything and everything we need to that regardless of where those components come from. I was suggesting that you build a board that could be used post-contest for when people want to make the project even bigger and possibly simplify it with NETMF. Of course, even with the current rules we could just use a FEZ to do all the heavy lifting and use the Arduino for some specialized task. :wink:

Haha, yea. Like adding 1+1 to make sure it’s still 2.

@ ianlee74 - generally speaking, GHI is the main source for netmf devices but it is not the only thing we offer :slight_smile: we welcome all ideas and suggestions.

Of course. Time to put the old noodle to work…

BTW, is Gary on vacation? I’m planning to give you all a visit sometime the week of Jan 4th if he’ll confirm you can host a tour. Maybe we can spend some time brainstorming this.

Gary can never be on a vacation…He is that important :open_mouth: yes come by for a tour please.

Looks like Gary isn’t on vacation he’s just using his Jedi mind tricks on you again… I’m looking forward to coming by and meeting everyone in person - even Gary :smiley:

I don’t think the chain that ties Gary to his desk is long enough to let him go on vacation :smiley:

Neat new Arduino MKR1000 board. I wonder how much will it cost once it will become available.

Shall we take bets? I say $20.

EDIT: Let’s make that $19.99 :wink:

That old trick works every time with my wife. She never sees the last 2 digits. Items are always $99.99 as $100.00 sounds WAY more expensive.

So if I priced my product at 2,999 people won’t see the 3,000? Lol


Hmmm… So, according to that logic if I just drop the decimals altogether and charge $9999 will she think it’s only $99? I hope you don’t give her a credit card. :smiley:

Seems like this is tied not only to Arduino, but to the MKR1000. Shoehorning into this content seems contrived. In other words, either the marriage between the MKR and NETMF and GHI netmf boards is a requirement of the project goals, or you have a contrived project.

They say you have to use the MKR1000, and it is an M0 chip, so maybe one could flash it with a new BSP of 4.4, which is interesting from a netmf and community-building standpoint; and you could use that to make a case for why developing on the MKR1000 in netmf is easier and better than the (debugger-less and feature impoverished) Arduino environment.

I do LOVE the idea of GHI and netmf getting more involved in events like this especially partnering with outfits like, but maybe GHI should engage directly with Hackster to create a project centering on their own product line. Hackster seems to run a lot of these contests.

Makes more sense to run a contest highlighting your own good work than to create a last-minute board to shoehorn into an existing contest that highlights somebody else’s board and a popular, but technically weak, platform.