World Maker Faire NYC

Anyone else going? I’ll be there for most of Saturday with my son.


I am (and my wife).

I will be there.

Pick a time and place to meet?

I’ve been only twice in NYC, so will not be a good help picking a place. But definetly would like to meet.

I was thinking of meeting up at the faire… But, It would be a lot of fun to meet for dinner and drinks. Then I could bring my wife. The faire is not for my wife… she is geekaphobic.

I can organize a dinner in Manhattan Friday evening. I believe Gus will also be town.

When is everyone arriving in NYC and where are you staying?

I will be there Thursday to Saturday. I prefer to meet Friday of I will have to fly back Sunday.

I would like to sponsor a walking tour in Manhattan, with a private guide, Friday afternoon. Anyone in the area is welcome to come as my guest. You can bring your family and friends. Checkout for the type of tour we would be doing.

I can also make arrangements for an early dinner after the tour.

Who is coming?

You know I am always ready mike :slight_smile:

I’m taking the train up early Saturday am and heading back that evening, so I won’t make dinner.

Cool to know so many folks will be there :slight_smile:


Leaving in about 2 hours!