Works on Ethernet but fails on WiFi : DPWS

I have no success in making .Net Micro framework 4.1SDK DPWS sample to work on my ChipworkX development board using NETFM-WiFi (MRF24WB0MA).
I was able to successfully connect to the same sample DPWS service using Ethernet connection.

In both cases, my PC and the ChipworkX are in the same subnet.

My WiFi settings seems to be fine as I was able to download a HTTP resource from an external web server.

Basically, The WCF sample client application returns zero count for endpoints after executing following line of code

Collection services = discoveryClient.Find(new FindCriteria(typeof(IServiceHelloWCF))).Endpoints;

Any helpful debugging ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated.


There is currently an issue in multicast support on wifi. Please contact GHI directly for details on your project/needs please.

Thanks Gus.