Working prototype of custom board wit G120

We have finished our 1st custom G120 board prototype.
It is a modular system, which always consits of a main board, containing the G120 SoM and some base functions, and a carrier board, which contains project specific parts.

The main board is a 4 layer circuit board which already contains:

  • ENC28 Ethernet or optionally WiFi
  • USB Host
  • USB Client with galvanic isolation
  • SD Card
  • RTC crystal, …

The carrier board you see here is the prototype of our new Automotive Measurement System.
It contains:

  • Current measurement at different ranges (up to 50 Amps)
  • Combined current/voltage measurement circuits
  • High precission 4 Wire resistance measurement (to measure 2 Ohm ignition tablets for Airbags, …)
  • Temperature sensors
  • RS485 for extension modules
  • Digital IO
  • 3 ‘Bus’ connectors where all remaining GPIO’s are available
    For the ‘Bus’ slots we currently have a 2xCAN + LIN + K-Bus module (not on the pictures).

Nice work :slight_smile:

Nice :smiley:

Nice job :slight_smile:

Cool board.

You also use the USB isolator from Analog Devices? :slight_smile:

Yep, its a ADUM3160.
Deploy and Debugging works great. I could not recognice any performance reduction.

Good work! :slight_smile:

No problem when reflowing the G120 on the board ?

We do not actually manufacture the boards by our self. We do not have the equipment to do so.
My college makes the hardware/PCB design, then we give the Eagle files to a local supplier, who builds the boards.
My job is it then to get some software running on it.
The general concept is a co production of me and my colleges.

Currently we have 3 (out of 3) wokting prototypes. On one of them my college soldered the G120 by hand on the board :wink:

@ LouisCpro - They are easy to reflow… i did it so it cant be that hard :smiley:

@ Reinhard Ostermeier - Can you ask what temperature was used to reflow the board on the related prototypes ?

@ Justin - OK

Just to be sure it will not result in a toasted module !

@ LouisCpro - I can do, but earliest Monday.

@ LouisCpro - you can see the last one of re flowed on my Scorpion board in the TGIF 08 thread… :slight_smile:

That is one serious board! When integrated along with the other boards, it looks like the system is ready to do some real work.

@ Iggmoe - This is what is built for: real Work.
It will be the next generation core electronics of our automotive test System.
The current one is connected to a PC by a TTL IO card.
But this has some limitations (like distance between electronics and PC.
The new one will only need Ethernet, so it could be controlled by a Panel PC.

@ Reinhard Ostermeier -

Can you confirm when using USB Client, if you did connect the JACKDET, STAT and VBUS somewhere on you G20 board, or if you did not take care of it in your case. Also, if you can give me a piece of schematic on the galvanic isolation, it would b nice !

Thanks in advance !

@ LouisCpro - Here is the USB part of the board.
It also contains USB Host.
Be aware thar US_C* is on the connector side and USB_C* is on the G120 side of the ADUM3160.
The ADUM supports two speed settings. We wired it to have it fixed to the faster one.
Some of the resistor mus or must not be in place to make it work. This is to make it possible to measure some electrical.
Not sure if this is correct in this schematic.

Thanks Reinhard !

It confirms me that only USB_D+ and USB_D- are mandatory for the G120 !

Thanks also for your shcematic that I will probabl hack if it does not cause problems to you :wink:

Great Job !