Work with GPIO

Hello !
I’m again here for ask a new question. I want interface one display with Fez Panda II , and i want use the GPIO at 3,3V because if everything work i use one cerb40 (i’m gonna to order a couple) . Now the display is HD44780 controller and him work 5V , what kind of interface i need the use for don’t have a problem ? because i don’t think the port (when they are output configuration) are open collector or i’m wrong ?
Thank you

Those character displays are usually powered from 5V but they work well with 3.3V. At least the ones we tested and the one we offer

HI !
thank you so much for your help . I have one more question :
i can use the pin with different configuration output , input and tristate , when i use the pin input configuration i can tell if i want use the internal resistor or if i want use an external resistor right ? when i use pin output configuration they are in open collector ? or they use one internal pull up resistor ? i ask this question because when i use the display i think i need the put resistors on data and control pin right ?

thank you