Wooops - Mr UPS is in trouble

We heard a band outside the office window and looked out…whoopsie - Mr UPS wasn’t looking where he was going :smiley:

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I bet he used Apple Maps :wink:

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@ Justin - was the pole knocked down by the UPS truck or the Rolling Stones?

Looks like he is on the wrong side of the road. :wink:

@ Mike - lol

What was really scary was he jumped out of the van and packed it the pole (metal) with live wires for the lamp flapping around out the end!!!

@ andre.m - that happens a lot over here as well, kills people quite regularly too…

Oh that what “Pop a shrimp on the barbie” means?

@ Architect - about right - they do sizzle

We can say that they drive like they care packages ! :clap:

Often when I receive materials from ups, they have the same look as the lamp !

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We once cought a UPS driver kicking PC boxes out of his Truck.
In fact it didn’t save him any work because we refused to take them and so he needed to load them back in.

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I once watched an Egyptian baggage handler push a flight case with $80,000 worth of my demo equipment out of the hold of a 767 down onto the tarmac.
The annoying part was there was a baggae lift in place already. The flight case was destroyed as was the kit.