Woohaa, a 4.4 bareboner!

I thought I do and try a NetMf 4.4 go, and with help from @ awsomedevsigner the netmf from github compiled, installed and even did run a very little and modest console program.

Question to myself … which board should I offer for deployment ???

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I got mine to compile fine and installed the newly created SDK, then I realized I can’t flash it to the board… due o the firmware mismatch.

Using the 4.4 MfDeploy ?

The program won’t start as it will complain to the mismatch of mscorelib version, since all my boards are 4.3.

Maybe GHI is listening and is willing to give it a spin to make, let’s say the cerb40, to 4.4 ?

or maybe just changing the version number from 4.4 to 4.3.1 and recompile and go :slight_smile:


Do i have to diss you again toady? :smiley:

Go sell some stuff to enlarge my slush fund instead of sending off the children on wild tangents…