Wolfram Alpha IoT

It sounds like these guys are getting deep into the IoT. They are taking suggestions for devices to include in their catalog (and build Wolfram drivers for). I’ve recommended the Cerberus. It could be good for Gadgeteer/NETMF/GHI if everyone made more similar recommendations.


More info about the project.


The bit about devices that contain the driver also being queryable from the cloud is possibly a bit troubling…

As long as the query functionality is optional or can be disabled, I think it will be an important part of IoT. There is information you always want from a device, say weather information from a weather station IoT device, and information you want on demand, such as battery status, uptime, etc.

On the other point, I wholeheartedly agree with ianlee74, let’s get .NETMF and our devices into this realm.